The local painters and power washing specialists you connect with through our network all possess years of experience and reliable service leading up to their joining the directory at Power Washing 99. That means that whatever your particular interests may be the work you receive from Power Washing 99 is sure to make you happy. Take a look at the list below. It features brief descriptions of some of our most popular service options today. If you’re thinking that your home could use such treatments, contact us to receive your free estimate and get your home looking like new.

Power Washing

Power washing is a professional treatment where pressurized water and cleaning detergent are sprayed over your home’s exterior surfaces from it’s walls and roof to it’s sidewalk, patio, deck, and driveway. When this service is performed by professionals all these surfaces can be cleaned of years and years of dirt, grease, and debris, leaving your home cleaner, and more attractive than ever. However, when this process is handled by an inexperienced worker or a layman it can cause major damage to the home, due to the high level of pressurization which the water is under. That’s why hiring a knowledgeable power-washer is always a worthwhile investment.

Custom Projects

The professionals at Power Washing 99 have such a high degree of experience and skill that nearly any custom painting / power washing project is able to be managed without any trouble at all. The contractors in our network have performed painting work as small and detailed as trim and furniture and as large and expansive as complete home painting. Each of these assignments are performed precisely to the customer’s specifications and our workers are always willing to provide design suggestions and advice if requested.

Interior Painting

Interior painting service is a simple way for homeowners to give their tired, familiar rooms a fresh, new appearance. Our painters are meticulous in their preparation work, ensuring your property isn’t damaged at all by the process and have years of design and technique experience. That means that whether you’re getting a small repainting project performed or are planning on having every one of your rooms painted in a fresh new color palette, you can count on the work to be performed attentively and the results to be beautiful for years.

Exterior Painting

The quickest and most effective way for people in your community to be amazed by your home remodel work is to schedule an exterior painting project. The work, however minimal or expansive, features a comprehensive power washing treatment, as well as repair work to the surface structure and complete, carefully arranged protective measure to make sure your property isn’t affected in any way other than in the beautiful new coat of paint you’ve been wanting.